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Make Your Home Stand Out with a Digital Art Installation


Modular video walls and other technologies can lend your home some spectacle

When you live as close to Hollywood as Beverly Hills, it’s hard to top the extravaganza we all see week in and week out at the movies. It’s true in many aspects of daily life, including the interior design of many homes. So, why not take a page from the Hollywood playbook and up the scale of what you hang on your walls?

Forget painting, sculptures or other decorative elements. When your guests enter your home and see a 75” long, 4K ultra HD TV with swirls of color and light splashed on it, it will definitely make an impression. This sense of grandeur is what a digital art installation offers, and in this blog, we’ll show you why DSI Luxury Technology is the company you want to hang a piece like this in your Beverly Hills home.

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Let’s use Samsung’s MicroLED TV as an example of what you can do with a digital art installation. The MicroLED TV, sometimes referred to simply as “The Wall,” consists of an array of interlocking and interchangeable video panels. These panels have square edges, but you don’t need to use a square or rectangle for the basic shape of the display; in fact, you can move the panels into any configuration you like that has straight edges.

You could create a short display that stretches for several feet along the wall. Alternatively, you could create a thin array of panels that stretch from your floor to your ceiling. Changing shapes is a breeze, and all the screens can display content up to 4K UHD resolution in brilliant colors. Samsung has made it possible to bring the sensation of watching video on a massive screen in your home theater to any room or any wall of your home.

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