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3 Media Room Upgrades You May Not Have Thought Of


These innovative smart automation systems will work wonders for your California media room installation

There are a few basic elements that everyone needs for an impressive media room or home theater: A big TV with 4K resolution, surround sound, and some comfy chairs. But there’s more a media room than the equipment for watching your favorite movie or TV show; it is a central location in your home where your friends and family gather to enjoy each other’s company and make memories together.

With that in mind, we thought we’d highlight three spring upgrades for your Brentwood, CA, media room installation you may not have considered before. Curious about what they are? Keep reading below to find out.


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When was the last time you used a DVD to watch a movie? Physical media is quickly becoming obsolete with the growth and proliferation of streaming services to enjoy your favorite content. Video streaming can create its own unique problems, especially if you’re looking to stream content in vivid 4K resolution.

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Everything You Need for the Ultimate Home Media Room


From your TV and speakers to décor, we can help you create the ideal entertainment space in your Pacific Palisades home

Whether you’re watching UCLA or USC football in the fall, enjoying a family movie night or hosting a party, your media room is one of the focal points of your home. As such, you want a media room designed for the highest-quality audio and video performance as well as comfort and style. Our team at DSI Luxury Technology has extensive experience building these spaces for homeowners in Pacific Palisades. Today’s blog offers some tips on how creating the best possible media room installation.


SEE ALSO: 3 Media Room Upgrades You May Not Have Thought Of


The centerpiece of any media room is your TV and speakers. Here are a couple points to keep in mind when deciding on the equipment you want for your home.

As far as TVs go, it’s important to balance screen size with image quality. You’ll want to buy a 4K TV, ideally one that also includes high-dynamic range (HDR) imaging to give you a wider, brighter array of colors on the screen. If you want to go all out, consider buying an OLED TV. Unlike older TVs where the screen is lit from behind or to the side, each pixel on an OLED screen is lit individually, giving you higher color contrast and a sharper picture.

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