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How Can DSI Help You with Your LiteTouch Replacement?


If your home features the now-extinct LiteTouch lighting automation, DSI can help! 

LiteTouch lighting system owners are finding out the hard way that the company is out of business. They discover that they’re dealing with a defunct system only after they have problems with LiteTouch and find out that professionals can’t service any of the company’s previous offerings. We’re here to give you the information that you need so that you’re not left feeling unprepared, as well as a viable solution to this common issue.

If you’re looking for the bad news first, here it is: LiteTouch is not repairable and completely lacks customer support. However, DSI Luxury Technology has found an invaluable alternative that customers love in our Vantage lighting solutions. Keep reading to see what happened to LiteTouch and what our HTA-certified team can do for you to help below.


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So Long to LiteTouch

As one of the first lighting automation providers, LiteTouch paved the way for more complex integration. LiteTouch started customizing lighting control solutions since the late 1970s, when they engineered the very first solid-state lighting control system.

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