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Create A Beautiful, Functional Home with Hidden A/V


By hiding your TV, speakers and other devices, Bel Air, CA, homeowners can preserve their interior décor while still enjoying high-performance audio and video


Technology is incredible but sometimes it can take up visual space in your home. You may think that you’re stuck having your TV, speakers, receiver and other A/V equipment in plain view –while detracting from your home’s aesthetic.

Never fear, today it is simple to conceal your devices while still providing a high-performance viewing and listening experience. Here’s how you can easily hide the components of your whole home audio video system to get a more beautiful interior design aesthetic in your Bel Air, CA space..


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Your display is the largest piece of your home A/V system, which makes it the most difficult to conceal. There are a few easy solutions: For homeowners with a projector instead of a standalone TV, simply roll the screen up whenever it’s not in use. If you’re looking for a new display, LG’s Signature OLED TV R9 features a screen that rolls down into the base.

By and large, however, these solutions aren’t applicable for homeowners with large displays as part of existing A/V systems. If you’re in this situation; you have options to conceal your TV and enjoy more sleek look for your home.

One popular way to hide a display is to make it look like a piece of art hanging on the wall. This could be as simple as adding a frame around the edge of the screen, especially if you set your TV to display your personal photos or some other decorative artwork when it’s idle.

The other primary method of concealing your TV is to hide it inside a piece of furniture or behind a wall panel. This method requires you to buy special furniture or some modifications to your walls, making this approach better for new construction. But if you’re determined to take this approach, we can help you make it happen.


The best way to hide your speakers is to get them off your floor entirely. How do you do that? Simple: In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are fully capable of delivering high-quality audio, and the speakers can be installed so that they’re virtually undetectable.

A good reason to consult a professional about hidden speakers is the wiring required. You’ll need to run wires from your receiver or amplifier through the walls to your speakers. This is easy enough during new construction, but tearing out your walls can be a costly, time-consuming process for retrofits.


After your TV and speakers, the primary piece of your A/V system is your receiver or amplifier. Regardless of which device you’re using, you don’t want it taking up valuable floor space.

The best way to conceal your receiver or amp is to place them in an out-of-the-way space like a closet. By running the necessary wiring through the walls, you hide your amp or receiver along with all the wires, which makes for a much cleaner installation. If you’ve opted for hidden speakers, the only piece of your A/V system that would still be visible is your TV.

It’s hard enough to put together a high-performance A/V system that works as it should, let alone one that blends effectively with your interior design. Don’t go it alone; to learn more about DSI Luxury Technology’s home A/V solutions, call us at (310) 432-2381, click on the chat box in the corner of your browser or fill out our online contact sheet.

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