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What Are the Advantages of a Remote Monitoring Service?

Find Out Why This Is An Excellent Service You Can’t Do Without

What Are the Advantages of a Remote Monitoring Service?

Finding peace of mind in your Malibu, CA home is more important than ever. Let DSI Luxury Technology integrate technology solutions that let you monitor your home at all times so you can avert any security breaches or technology downtime on your property.

Each day you rely on technology more than ever before whether it is to work from home, take part in e-learning courses or simply enjoy your favorite entertainment for a much-needed escape. Set up your technology for success with remote monitoring services that allow for contact-less repairs before you even notice any issues while integrating vital firmware updates that often resolve security breaches in your smart devices.

How can you keep an eye on your home as well? Cameras can be integrated into your smart home automation system so you can view surveillance footage at any time from a mobile app. Once you finish reading this blog, you’ll know why its so vital to integrate remote monitoring.


Fast And Effective Remote Support

Since home automation is a complex technology, you can’t be expected to know everything about it or handle every issue that comes your way. Any smart home system needs regular updates and occasional repairs. DSI Luxury Technology is here to provide onsite support when you need us. But sometimes, we can’t always be there in person. That’s where remote, 24-hour support comes in. Remote monitoring gives us the ability to access your smart home system even when we aren’t there. For instance, we can simply log on to your home network remotely and get the information we need. Most of the time, we can make the repair on the spot!

The same goes for system updates. This saves us time and it saves you money. It’s so much easier, faster, and affordable to do an update from our offices. Our specialists can perform reboots and other basic technology updates without ever stepping foot on your property. For most of the plans we offer, you can expect monitoring and phone support 24/7/365. With our premium plans, your request is moved to the front of the line. Now that is customer service!

Get Ahead Of The Problem

Another important benefit of remote monitoring is its alert feature. Oftentimes, we’ll know there is a problem before you do. When an issue occurs, an alert is triggered. Then, our team takes the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate any system downtime. Without remote monitoring, the glitch could go undetected for days or even weeks. This could result in a bigger and costly problem. With our mid-range and premium plans, we include proactive site visits for system tests as well as pre-event system checks.

What Can We Monitor?

Just about anything that is connected to your home automation system. Having problems with connectivity in your home theater? We assess the issue remotely. Perhaps your surveillance cameras are acting up. Let us take a look by logging into system while you go about your day. Is your touchpad controller having issues? It may be that your system needs an update. We can do that too! It’s important to note that we will only look at the status of your device not what you’re viewing or how you are using it.

What Can You Monitor?

While we keep an eye on your technology, you have the time to keep an eye on your home. We’ll guide you on the best places to install surveillance cameras to catch any threats. From anywhere in the world, you’ll be able to pull up surveillance footage to check for unusual activity. If you have any smart locks or motion sensors, we can integrate them into your smart home system for a more comprehensive approach to your safety.

Learn all about our remote monitoring services and surveillance options by calling us at (310) 432-2381. You can also visit our contact page to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.