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Get A Professional-Grade Theater Installed in Your Home


We’ve designed and installed home cinemas for film industry professionals for more than 20 years

For a truly pristine, superior movie-watching experience, there’s no beating the comfort, convenience and quality of a custom home theater. Building a dedicated just for watching movies or TV in your home gives you total control over the experience, from your display and speakers to your aesthetics and seating. In the Malibu area and nearby parts of California, discerning movie fans and industry professionals come to DSI Luxury Technology when they want to install a dedicated home cinema. Today, we’d like to show you what makes our home theater systems special and why we have garnered so much attention.


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At DSI Luxury Technology, we’ve spent more than 20 years designing and installing high-end home theaters, home audio systems, home automation, and other technology solutions for residential and commercial clients in Southern California. The reasons people keep trusting with their home technology and entertainment needs are simple: We know these systems inside and out, we’re committed to quality customer service, and we have a track record of excellence. It’s this level of expertise and our consistent track record of quality that qualified us to be part of the Bel Air Circuit, an exclusive group of technology professionals who design and install theaters that meet the requirements and standards of Hollywood insiders.

Our project gallery gives you some idea of why we have the reputation we do. Our home theaters are aesthetically pleasing and reflect your personal style while also delivering top-notch audio and visuals. Perhaps even more importantly, our systems are intuitive and easy to use. After all, no matter how impressive the home theater, if you can’t get it to do what you want, it’s of little use to you. We work with only the best brands in home audio, home video and home control systems.


It’s not just homeowners who come to DSI for home theater installations. As you can see from the article linked above, movie industry veterans also come to us when they want screening rooms in their homes. As Electronic House wrote in their article about our work for mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, we blend sophisticated technology with a flair for interior design unmatched by our peers.

Bruckheimer’s home theater included state of the art audio and visual technology, including a masking system to alter the shape of the screen for different aspect ratios. It all runs through a Savant home control system for simple, elegant control over everything in the room. But while the technology is impressive, a home theater is about more than a screen and a set of speakers; Bruckheimer wanted to recreate the feel of a 1920s theater, so we took great care to minimize any obvious signs of technology from the space. The result is a theater equipped to handle the latest movie releases in pristine quality with a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. It’s no wonder we’ve garnered so much press attention for our work.

You’ve read all about what makes DSI special, so now is the time to experience the difference yourself. Give us a call today at (310) 432-2381, visit our contact page, or use the chat window below.

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