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New Ways to Bring Circadian Lighting into Your Home


Industry veterans and upstart manufacturers alike have developed new technologies for smart lighting control

There are many home automation systems that deliver impressive performance and make daily life easier. It’s harder to find smart technology that can improve not just your lifestyle, but also your overall health. But thanks to new advancements, that’s beginning to change, and recently several companies have created new home wellness systems or upgraded their existing technology.

Circadian lighting, automated air and water quality monitoring, automatic air temperature control, and allergen-fighting technology are just a few of the new smart systems you can install in your Los Angeles home. If you want to know more about how smart home technology can improve your well-being, keep reading.




One of the most powerful ways automation can impact your daily routine is through circadian lighting. Circadian lighting is when your lights are programmed to mimic the way the sun’s light changes throughout the day. In the morning, your fixtures will gradually fill your room with gentle hues to help you wake more calmly and naturally. As the day continues, the light shifts to cooler blue tones, which helps you focus and get more work done. Finally, you’ll drift soundly off to sleep as your lights dim from a warm glow to darkness.

These systems also work in tandem with your motorized shades; the shades will raise in the morning with the dawn, and they’ll close at sunset. Ketra lighting systems are particularly well suited to Lutron shades, as Lutron recently bought Ketra.


If you’re looking for a system that goes beyond your lights, check out the Darwin system by Delos. The Darwin system includes automated water and air quality monitoring (purifying them as necessary), circadian lighting similar to a Ketra system that matches your body’s natural rhythms, and more. It’s a total home wellness platform designed to help you live a healthier life.


A relatively new entrant into the world of smart home tech, Pure Wellness has debuted a home wellness system. The Pure Wellness process creates what they call “Pure Rooms” by following seven steps. Among other things, the air is purified, hypoallergenic bedding is installed, a tea tree oil cartridge is placed to fight bacteria and keep the room smelling fresh, and a special cleaning solution creates a biostatic barrier on hard surfaces. If you want a room that envelopes you in comfort the second you step inside, this is the system for you.


Veteran automation brands like Crestron and Savant aren’t letting the wellness trend pass them by, particularly when it comes to lighting. Savant has a range of smart lightbulbs for both indoor and outdoor use, and the Savant Lighting app now includes TrueImage technology. TrueImage works by having you take a picture of any fixture with a Savant bulb using your phone or other control device. You can then adjust the color of the light in the image using the app, and the fixture itself will then generate that same color.

For larger-scale systems, Savant’s new Daylight Mode is their circadian lighting solution. Like Ketra, Daylight Mode tunes your fixtures according to the progression of the sun through the sky. With Savant, though, you can also take advantage of Savant Scenes and the other benefits of their home control systems.

Crestron’s lighting control systems are just as capable as Savant’s or Ketra’s. What sets Crestron apart is the customizability of scenes and your system in general. Everything works under the Crestron Home umbrella, from your security system to whole-home A/V. Crestron gives you precision control over multiple systems at once, letting you create scenes and schedules to suit any mood or occasion.

Ready to see how circadian lighting and other wellness systems can enhance your day-to-day lifestyle in Los Angeles? Call us today at (310) 432-2381. You can also visit our contact page or leave a message in the chat box located at the bottom of your screen.

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