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How Can DSI Help You with Your LiteTouch Replacement?


If your home features the now-extinct LiteTouch lighting automation, DSI can help! 

LiteTouch lighting system owners are finding out the hard way that the company is out of business. They discover that they’re dealing with a defunct system only after they have problems with LiteTouch and find out that professionals can’t service any of the company’s previous offerings. We’re here to give you the information that you need so that you’re not left feeling unprepared, as well as a viable solution to this common issue.

If you’re looking for the bad news first, here it is: LiteTouch is not repairable and completely lacks customer support. However, DSI Luxury Technology has found an invaluable alternative that customers love in our Vantage lighting solutions. Keep reading to see what happened to LiteTouch and what our HTA-certified team can do for you to help below.


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So Long to LiteTouch

As one of the first lighting automation providers, LiteTouch paved the way for more complex integration. LiteTouch started customizing lighting control solutions since the late 1970s, when they engineered the very first solid-state lighting control system.

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4 Quality Brands to Remember for Your Smart Home System


Choosing the right equipment makes all the difference for an inviting, restful smart home

While it’s unwise to waste money by choosing name-brand products when you don’t have to, sometimes it’s worthwhile to make sure you’re getting quality equipment. In the home automation field, you want to be sure whatever systems you choose deliver consistent, first-rate performance and that your equipment works well with a wide range of other products. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a fragmented, subpar system that may end up leaving you more frustrated than before you have everything installed.

At DSI Luxury Technology, we understand these concerns, and we want to help you find the ideal smart home automation system for your lifestyle. That’s why we only work with the best brands, and today we’ll be going through what makes these devices superior to the competition. If you want to find the best smart home tech for your home in Malibu, keep reading.

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Control4 is a strong choice for your home control system because of how well it integrates with other devices and platforms. Control4’s software platform works with more than 12,000 devices across 300 manufacturers. Control4 systems have everything you want – centralized controls; easy management of your lights, A/V equipment, HVAC, and security devices; voice control capability, etc. – along with some helpful customization tools.

The When >> Then feature, which comes with Control4’s 4Sight subscription service, lets you fine-tune various systems to react to each other . This includes the ability to create and edit voice control scenes for Amazon Echo devices and more control over lighting schedules. 4Sight also unlocks Control4’s Intercom Anywhere service, which allows you to make calls to or from your home at any time without using a landline.

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What Are the Advantages of a Remote Monitoring Service?


Find Out Why This Is An Excellent Service You Can’t Do Without


Finding peace of mind in your Malibu, CA home is more important than ever. Let DSI Luxury Technology integrate technology solutions that let you monitor your home at all times so you can avert any security breaches or technology downtime on your property.

Each day you rely on technology more than ever before whether it is to work from home, take part in e-learning courses or simply enjoy your favorite entertainment for a much-needed escape. Set up your technology for success with remote monitoring services that allow for contact-less repairs before you even notice any issues while integrating vital firmware updates that often resolve security breaches in your smart devices.

How can you keep an eye on your home as well? Cameras can be integrated into your smart home automation system so you can view surveillance footage at any time from a mobile app. Once you finish reading this blog, you’ll know why its so vital to integrate remote monitoring.


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Smart Home Automation for Design-Build Contractors


How Home Automation Can Grow Your Business

A for many, many years. However, in the competitive environment of home construction, it’s essential to stand out from the other contractors in your area. But when everyone else is offering virtually the same services, how do you rise to the top?

Have you considered smart home automation? Many homeowners throughout Los Angeles, CA, are building smart homes or retrofitting existing homes for smart systems. Years ago, smart technologies were considered up-and-coming, but now they’ve made it into the mainstream. From tunable lighting and smart security systems to multi-room audio and home theaters, your company can offer many products and services by partnering with DSI Luxury Technology. You’ll gain a competitive edge and enjoy the profits that come with it.  

Read more to see why adding smart home integration to your repertoire of services is a smart choice. 


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