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Why Builders Use DSI Luxury Technology As Their Integration Company

Learn why DSI is one of the most well-regarded integration firms in the Los Angeles area

Why Builders Use DSI Luxury Technology As Their Integration Company

Smart technology has become the new normal of our everyday lives, and customers have come to expect technologically-advanced homes in their construction projects. To be competitive in today's market, you need to include smart technology in every step of construction so that your customer will have a fully functional smart home upon completion.

Instead of handling this all yourself, partner with a specialized integration company that will handle your smart security, smart lighting, motorized shades, audio-video components, and more. You need an integration partner that can handle your project's smart technology without any hassle and with the ability to impress your customers. Read on to learn why you should choose DSI Luxury Technology as your integration company partner on large-scale residential projects in Los Angeles, CA.

New Ways to Bring Circadian Lighting into Your Home

Industry veterans and upstart manufacturers alike have developed new technologies for smart lighting control

New Ways to Bring Circadian Lighting into Your Home

There are many home automation systems that deliver impressive performance and make daily life easier. It’s harder to find smart technology that can improve not just your lifestyle, but also your overall health. But thanks to new advancements, that’s beginning to change, and recently several companies have created new home wellness systems or upgraded their existing technology.

Circadian lighting, automated air and water quality monitoring, automatic air temperature control, and allergen-fighting technology are just a few of the new smart systems you can install in your Los Angeles home. If you want to know more about how smart home technology can improve your well-being, keep reading.