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5 Easy Steps to Boost Your Home Automation Systems


Customize devices to suit your lifestyle with this list of simple tips

Do you feel like your home automation system isn’t doing enough to improve your lifestyle? Wish your devices were more attuned to your personal needs? Experiencing network glitches?

These problems can be a real detriment to enjoying smart home automation as it was intended. Luckily, at DSI Luxury Technology we have many years of experience with these systems, and that experience has given us some insight into how you can improve your devices. Here are five tips that California residents can use to improve smart home automation technology in their Bel Air homes.


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There many ways smart home control can make your life easier, but figuring them all out takes time. One action you can take to make that process faster is to look at our online resources. We’ve written articles on many aspects of using your A/V system, lights, security system and more. Who knows what you might dig up after a little bit of research?


Your network is the foundation of all your home automation systems. Any connected device relies on your network to talk to other devices, and your network speed determines how well the technology perform. This is especially true if you’re streaming audio or video, even more so for streaming 4K video or high-end audio. If you’re seeing network hiccups when using your devices or having issues streaming your favorite movie, it’s most likely time for a network upgrade.


The goal of many automation systems is to make everyday tasks less burdensome, from watching a movie to securing your home when you leave for work. One way to make your system more useful is to program scenes that execute commands across multiple systems at once for easy use.

Here’s one example: Say you’re sitting down with your family to watch a movie. Smart technology lets you control your lights and motorized shades from one device, along with your TV and speakers. You could turn on all these devices one at a time, but why not create a scene that takes care of everything at once? A custom “Movie Night” scene can dim the lights, lower your motorized shades, and turn on your A/V equipment with one command. And there’s no need to stop there; you can design scenes for all sorts of common events.


What’s the easiest automation system to use? Easy: One that doesn’t require you to do anything at all. In this vein, you can use automated schedules to minimize the time you spend directly controlling your devices. For instance, you could program your home to lower your shades, turn off your lights and turn on your home security system every morning when you head to work. Along similar lines, with the right programming, your lights can come on and your security system can turn itself off once you’ve returned from work. This approach creates a system that works for you while you don’t need to touch a thing.


It’s tempting to keep your automation system static once the initial installation process is complete. We would advise you to disregard that notion; additional components open up new automation possibilities. Integrating an intercom with your home security system, for instance, makes it easier reach your family when you’re at home or in an emergency, even if your Internet connection and landline phones aren’t working.

We hope you’ve found these tips valuable for enhancing your existing smart home systems. For more information on our home automation solutions, call us at (310) 432-2381, fill out our online contact sheet or leave a message in that chat box in your browser.

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